Farm Logos - Design Ideas and Inspiration

These days a farm can be much more than a faceless entity supplying produce to middlemen and distributors. Many farms are now trying to brand themselves as destinations for tourists and day trippers or they are trying to sell their own products at farmers markets or in stores.

This article looks at the importance of logo design for farmers and farming businesses. It also offers ideas on some common elements of logos in this industry and discusses how to get the right designer for your project.

Why You Need a Great Farm Logo

Great looking farm logos can help a farm to establish a brand that can be developed over time into something that becomes familiar in the marketplace. Your logo will come to represent the quality of the products or experiences that you provide your customers. It will help you to make a great first impression among new customers and to enhance your image among existing customers. Essentially it will be the visual representation of your brand and all that your brand has to promise.

Finding a Designer

To get a great farm logo you should always work with a professional logo designer. Clip art or templates that are resold over and again look amateurish and won't give you the originality that you need.

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Online custom logo companies offer one affordable and effective solution. They will give you a lot of input into the design process so you will end up with something that is a good fit with your farm rather than something generic. They will usually produce multiple concepts for you to choose from and work with you until you are happy.

Look at a variety of logo companies and packages and also check their online portfolios to see what they have done for farming businesses like your in the past.

Make sure that you carefully communicate your requirements to your design team. Let them know about your products or services and who your typical customers are likely to be.

Think about the kind of image that you want to project. You may want to come across as being natural and organic or you may want to give out the impression that you are a traditional 'family run' farm. Write out a small list of words that you feel describe your farm and your products well and give it to your designer. A great designer will be able to convey your message via their design.

Common Farm Logo Images

One great way to get inspiration is to do a Google image search for the term 'farm logo design'. You can then see how other farms have branded themselves.

There are many different kinds of farms and most have gone for 'obvious images' that immediately convey a message about what they specialize in. Animals, natural scenery, barns and fresh produce are common and can be in realistic or abstract form.

Be careful that you go for an image that gives the logo a unique look as many farms end up with logos that look similar. It is definitely good to have something a little different. You should also expect that your designer will limit the use of imagery so as to keep the design simple and uncluttered.

Color and Font

Glancing over some farm logos you will see that they typically employ earthy colors or natural looking colors. Shades of brown and green tend to work well and relate directly to the niche.

Farm logos seem to be multi colored and this can look appropriate. Bear in mind though that you should keep the selection of colors to a minimum as this will make it easier for printing, faxing and photocopying.

A good designer will recommend a range of fonts. The font, or style of lettering can help to convey a message about your brand.

As more and more farmers understand the importance of marketing and branding, the quality of logo designs among farming businesses is improving. Don't get left behind your competitors. Put some time and investment into getting the great business logo that your farm deserves.

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