Courier Logos - Ideas on Logo Design for a Courier Company

If you are starting out in the courier business then you will need a great logo design to help you develop your brand. In this article we look at why it is so important for a courier company to have a professional looking logo. We offer advice on design and look at some common elements of courier logos. Lastly we offer advice on how you can go about getting a logo online.

The Importance of a Logo to a Courier Business 

Courier logos often become familiar to people as courier companies usually have a lot of vehicles out on the roads. As a courier company owner you won't want to miss this chance to get your brand out there in the public eye. You need some great vehicle wraps for your fleet and you need an awesome logo to go on them.

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With an effective logo you will be able to attract new business as well as maintain a presence in the minds of your existing customers. Your logo will help you to generate enquiries and it will give you a foundation to build a brand. All of the goodwill that you build up will rest upon your brand.

Sending The Right Message.

Before you start the design process you need to clearly identify your typical client and the services that you provide to them. Think about how your business differs from other local players and how you could have this difference highlighted in the design of your logo. It is likely that you will want to project a certain image to the market such as being a reliable, friendly or fast service.

Including Images

Logos look great when images, mascots or symbols are combined with text. To get an idea of what other courier companies are doing with their logos and what kind of images they are using you can do a little research online. Look at some of the top courier company websites in your area and perform a Google image search for 'courier company logos'. You should be able to get some ideas on what you want or don't want your designer to include in your initial concepts.

Courier companies typically go for images that symbolize speed and reliability. Looking around at some designs we noticed that some logos included imagery of vehicles, birds, wings, ticking clocks and people in movement. Boxes and packages were also popular and help to paint a picture of what a courier business does to someone who quickly glances at the design. We also noted that designers often added finishing touches to designs that included lines, 'swooshes' and shading to illustrate movement and speed.

If you do decide to go with some of these common or 'expected' images you may find that you end up with something that looks a lot like many of the other companies out there. If you or your designer can think of some imagery that is more unique while still making sense to prospective clients then you will be on to a winner.

Font Ideas

When it comes to fonts, courier logos suit fonts that slope forward, from left to right, illustrating movement. Fonts have a major part to play in forming the overall impression that a logo gives people. A good designer will provide you with concepts showing several font options.

Other Considerations

The tendency with courier logos is to let them get a little too detailed and complicated. In reality, a simple looking logo is probably going to be a lot more distinctive and serve you better.

Give some thoughts to how the logo will be used. You will need to have it on signage and vehicles as well as on stationery, promotional materials and driver uniforms. A logo font or slogan that looks great on your trucks may not scale down to the size of a business card and still maintain clarity.

Your designer should keep the selection of colors used on the logo to a minimum. This enhances the simplicity of the design and will make it easier if the logo has to be reproduced in black and white.

Design Options

There are many options for getting a logo design online and these range from pre-designed templates and DIY software through to custom logos and design contests.

We recommend that you get a custom logo design done. Prices are reasonable and the process is fairly quick with minimal headaches. Some of the custom logo design firms operating online have great packages that include multiple designers, multiple design concepts and many chances to request revisions until the design is perfected to your tastes.

With the custom approach you will stand the best chance of ending up with a logo that is unique and well designed. You will have to communicate well with your designer by filling out the briefing form clearly and letting them know exactly who you are and what you want.

It is not easy to change a logo design further down the road so you must make sure that you start out with the right design. A professional looking courier logo will help you to start out right and enhance the development of your brand.

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