Janitorial, Window and Carpet Cleaning Logos - Commercial Cleaning Business Logo Design Ideas

When you start out with your own commercial cleaning business it is crucial that you make a great first impression on clients. You also need to set your business up for brand development in the long term. A logo design is crucial and should be a priority for your marketing efforts prior to the launch of your business.

Whether you go into office cleaning, janitorial services, window cleaning or carpet cleaning, a logo design will help you to stand out from your competitors. It will also give you the ideal platform from which you can build a winning brand. Below we offer some ideas on commercial cleaning logos.

Identify your Niche

It will help immensely if you can clearly state what kind of business you are. Many successful cleaning businesses have used images in their logos that relate to the services that they offer. If you are unsure about the future direction of your business though then it may pay to go for a logo that is a little more abstract.

Common Images for Cleaning Logos

To get some ideas of what some of the established players have done with their logos, do a Google image search for 'janitorial logos' or 'carpet cleaning logos' and you will get a fair idea of what works well.

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Examples of using relevant images could be common equipment items. Window cleaning logos often feature a squeegee as part of the design and carpet cleaners often have an image of a vacuum steamer. Likewise, janitorial logos often feature mops and brooms.

Cleaning is a service business and service is all about people and the way that the service is delivered. Some commercial cleaning logos therefore feature happy looking cleaners in either realistic or mascot form.

Others include images of either residential homes, commercial office buildings or window panes in order to clarify exactly what market they serve.

Another trend that we picked up on was the use of design features that give the appearance of a sparkle or shine to the logo to further enhance the 'clean' image of these businesses.

The above suggestions have been a little overdone in these industries though and you may be better off going for a simple text logo. Even an image that is not at all related to cleaning could work well and allow your business to stand out.

Above all, remember that the best logos are usually simple in design. If they are simple then they are more likely to be remembered.

Color Choice

Blue is the color that most people associate with cleanliness and it has therefore been well used on cleaning business logos. Shades of both light blues and dark blues can be effective and are a particularly good match with white. Green has become more popular in recent years as companies strive to be seen as being environmentally friendly.

Font or Typeface

Your logo should feature your business name and possibly even a short slogan relating to your service. The kind of lettering that you use can appeal to prospects in ways that are not always easy to anticipate. A good logo designer will try to understand your business and your prospective clients and will come up with a font that appeals to them.

Unique Requirements

Let your designer know how you intend to use your design. You will undoubtedly need a logo on your website and business cards, however you may also have other items that you wish to brand for marketing purposes. These other items could range from building signage, vehicle advertising or branding on staff uniforms and equipment.

Consulting with a Designer

When it comes to ordering a custom logo design for your commercial cleaning business it is important that you are able to communicate as much information as possible to your designer. Let them know about the market that you are targeting. Identify your major competitors so that they can work on developing some designs that will stand out.

Get your janitorial service, window cleaning company or carpet cleaning business off to the best possible start by ensuring that you have the professional looking logo design that you need to effectively brand your business.

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