Child Care Logos - Daycare and Kindergarten Logo Ideas

No matter whether you are starting a child care center, a home daycare or a kindergarten, you will need to get a logo designed if you want to come across as being a professional operation.

A great logo can help you to make a good first impression with parents and children alike. Over time your logo will come to symbolize your brand and all of the trust that you have built up in the community.

In this article we offer some tips and ideas for you as you proceed to brainstorm ideas for your child care or kindergarten logo. It is best if you can approach a custom logo designer and are able to brief him or her fairly accurately about what you are after in a design.

Building a Brand

Think about what kind of image you want to give to the public and your customers. You may want people viewing you logo to get the impression that your daycare center environment is friendly, welcoming, fun or even educational. Parents will also be attracted to a design that suggests that a daycare is safe, secure and reliable.

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Taking the desires of both parents and children into account, write down a list of words for your logo designer that sums up how you want to shape perceptions towards your kindergarten or child care business.

Popular Daycare Logo Images

When you look at a lot of daycare logos you start to see common themes regarding the images that designers have selected. Cartoon or animal mascots are popular and building blocks with individual letters on them that spell out words are also well loved. Other common images that I noticed while scanning some daycare and kindergarten websites include balloons, toys, flowers, smiley faces and rainbows.

Any child-friendly image can work well when it is combined into an overall concept that follows the principles of good design. Just make sure that you are fully aware of all your local competitors and that you don't go for an image that is at all similar to what they have. Also give your designer details on the ages of children that you care for so that they come up with a concept that is age appropriate.

One interesting idea is to basically have some children design your child care business logo. Sit a group of youngsters down to do an art project and let them know that you need a picture to represent your daycare. If they come up with something that you like you could then have your designer touch up the work and create a concept that has a child's influence.

Children and Colors

Children are attracted to bright colors. Most designers minimize the use of color in a logo for simplicity and professionalism. However, with a daycare or kindergarten logo these restrictions do not apply to the same extent and you should go for attractive, bright color combinations. You are probably best to use a white background as this will enhance the colors. Talk to your printer about printing costs before you go overboard with too many colors.

Childish Fonts

Many designers get playful with the fonts in child care logos. One approach is to make the lettering look like it was hand written by a child. Stick with bold fonts and don't be afraid to vary the colors of the letters as long as the logo is still readable.

Logo design can be a complicated process. Rather than putting total faith in your designer to come up with something suitable you should communicate with them well throughout the design process so that you can have some input and control. Be sure to put some time into research and brainstorming ideas before you fill in a design briefing form and order a custom logo for your daycare.

With a little time and effort and with help from the right logo designer you will be well on your way to building a reputable kindergarten or daycare brand.

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