Why you Need a Business Logo

These days even the smallest of businesses need to have a logo design. Below, we have set out some of the reasons why a logo is essential to the branding efforts of businesses of all sizes and why your company can’t get by without one.

A Company Identity

A logo design essentially gives your company an identity. Through your logo design you can project a message to the market about what your company does and it’s business philosophy and values.

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Establishing a Brand

To compete in today’s crowded market place you have to be the company in your industry that stands out from the crowd. You should aspire to be the company that your customers always think of first when they need the products and services that you provide. By building up a solid brand reputation over time you may be able to command a premium for your products or services and you will find that sales come much easier. You will also be able to benefit by being able to spend less on marketing and customer acquisition in general due to the fact that you brand is already well known.

Consumers are often irrational in their buying decisions and let their emotions make choices for them rather than comparing products based on their true value and quality. A logo that is highly appealing to consumers can target these kinds of customers effectively. You only have to look at the fashion industry to see the pricing benefits that established brands enjoy once they become highly desirable.

Creating Good First Impressions

A logo is an important tool for giving customers a positive first impression of your business. It is often the first part of your company that consumers come into contact with, usually via advertising or signage. You really want your logo to help make your company appealing so that prospective customers call your business rather than the next listing in The Yellow Pages or their search engine results.

Professional Appearance

Customers want to deal with companies that are well established and professional so you should try to convey this message in your logo design. Lack of a logo these days would almost cause customers to question whether you are a real business at all. By branding your business in a way that says that your company is serious, stable and successful you will stand a better chance of winning new customers.

Inflate your Image

The right logo design, along with other smart branding efforts can make your business seem bigger, better or more established than it really is. A professional logo design could make a small business with only two employees seem like a mid sized company with 30 employees. With the right branding elements in place you can give the impression that you’ve been in business for ten years, even though you may just be starting out.

Differentiate your Business for your Competitors

Use your logo as a means of differentiating yourself from your competition. With the right design you can really stand out in your industry and let consumers know how your services differ from all the other market players.

There are many compelling reasons why your company should have a business logo. The right design can set you up for branding success for many years to come and ensure that your business has the best possible chance of achieving success. Most entrepreneurs are so caught up in the other aspects of getting a new business off the ground that they neglect this important part of a business's early development. Make sure that you don’t make this mistake and that you put the time and energy into getting the great design that your business deserves.

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