Updating a Logo as Part of a Re-Branding Strategy

As a business changes over the years it sometimes becomes necessary for it to re-brand itself and updating a logo design is usually an important part of this process. In this article we look at some of the reasons why refreshing a logo may become necessary and the headaches associated with a re-design. Lastly we cover some points to consider once it becomes apparent that change is unavoidable.

Why Update or Change a Logo Design

An update or change can be required for a variety of reasons. A business may have branched out into new markets over the years, started offering different products and services or even entered an entirely different industry. In other cases the demographic market that a business targets may have changed or evolved. To stay relevant an update becomes a necessity.

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Another common reason for refreshing a logo design is that the old one may be starting to look a little old fashioned. Something more contemporary may be required to give the appearance that a business is keeping up with the times and not falling out of touch.

Associated Problems

The downside to change is that a new logo could lead to a loss of a brand’s recognition value and the reputation that it has built up over many years. As a logo is a symbol of trust in the eyes of consumers, a re-design may be confusing and they may perceive the company differently after the new design is in place. People may not even associate the new logo with your company. In a worst case scenario they may become confused and think that the company has changed and is no longer the reliable business that they have dealt with for so long.

The other major problem associated with re-branding is the costs involved. Business cards, stationary and other branded promotional materials will all have to be thrown out and supplies with the new branding on them will have to be purchased.

For these reasons it is best to avoid change at all costs and only proceed to refresh a logo when it is absolutely necessary.

How to go about Changing a Logo Design

When it seems that re-branding is unavoidable you should first put some careful thought into exactly why you need a change. Could it be that as the owner of the business you have gotten tired of being surrounded by the same logo every day? Try to see the logo from the perspective of your employees and your customers and ask for their thoughts first. Making a change just to keep yourself happy could be a big mistake.

When logos do require a re-design you should ask your designer to try to keep the changes to a minimum. Ideally, the updated version should look similar to the original and should retain at least some of the basic design elements. You should also keep the same color combinations. It should be obvious to customers that the new logo is simply an evolution of the old one.

If you have a means of communicating with your clients such as through a newsletter, sales representatives or customer service employees then you should let customers know that a change has taken place. Keep them involved by letting them know the reasons for the change.

The updating of a company logo is a costly endeavor that should be well thought through before you go ahead with it. Think clearly about the reasons for change and try to mitigate the possible negative effects of change by discussing them with your designer. Most importantly, make sure that when you order a new logo design or re-design you are getting something that will age well and will not need replacing for many decades.

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