Different Types of Logo Design

Most logos include a combination of text and image (shapes or symbols) however some logos work well with only text and some are identifiable only by their symbol. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of logo design at the basic level.

Text Based Logos

Text-based logos or ‘wordmarks’ use a font or type style to represent a company’s brand name. The company’s name, represented in the logo essentially becomes the visual representation of the business. The font in this kind of logo may have some unique styling or artistic flair but generally it will not have any symbols to complement the name. ‘Wordmarks’ keep a logo simple and make it distinct and easy to remember. Companies that have highly effective text-based logos include Google and Yahoo.

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Another kind of text-based logo is the ‘lettermark’. This is when a company uses only its initials within the design. CNN (Cable News Network) and GE (General Electric) are examples of successful companies that have done this. This type of logo is great for companies that have exceptionally long names.


Brandmarks are perhaps the most difficult logos to promote to consumers. A brandmark is a symbol, representing a company that is able to stand alone and represent a brand without any text to clarify to the viewer who the company is. To develop a brandmark that is recognizable to viewers who immediately associate it with the company in question requires a considerable marketing effort. One of the most famous brandmarks in the world today is the swoosh symbol used by Nike.


Lastly, probably the most popular type of logo design is a combination of a wordmark and a brandmark. Combined in the right configuration, text and symbol fit together in a way that they compliment each other and make up a companies logomark or logo. Sometimes a tagline or slogan can be attached to complete the overall trademark that a company needs to be the ‘public face’ of their brand.

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