Ordering a Custom Logo Online - Briefing your Logo Designer

To get the logo that is best for your company you have to be able to communicate clearly with your designer to get your ideas across to him or her.

When you order a custom logo online you will usually be presented with an online briefing form to complete. It is worth taking the time to go through this form carefully. If you don’t include precise information about your company and what you want then the designer has nothing to go on and will come up with concepts that are not appropriate.

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While good designers may do some research on their own it is important that you pass on as much information as possible to them to assist them in the design process.

The following article outlines the things that you should consider when completing the briefing form before you email your order to your chosen online logo design company.

Nature of your Company and Brand

As a customer ordering a logo you should try to fully convey the nature and character of your business to the design company. What is your brand (or the brand that you want to develop) all about?

One way to convey to the designer what your company is about is to offer some words that describe your business. Give your designer a list of words such as ‘reliable’, ‘modern’, ‘great customer service’ etc to help them fully understand you.

You should let your designers have a detailed profile of your business and let them know about the industry you are in and your position within it.

Your Customers

You should also let the designer have a clear idea of who your customers are, their values and the image that you want to project to them. If you are marketing to a specific demographic let your designer know so that he or she can design something to target that particular group.

Why do you need a Logo?

Let your designer know how you intend to use the logo? Of course you can request a logo for all purposes but if you only need a logo for a website or a select few other purposes then that will help your designer immensely.

Design Preferences

Do you have any preferences for images, shape, style, color or font? Should the shape be long, stretching across the page, should it be more of a square shape or can it be a circular shape? Is there anything that you really don’t want? While you will want to give your designers as much creative freedom as possible it is important to put some constraints on them if you really have something specific in mind.


Offering the designer links to the logos of other companies can be helpful although you really want to differentiate your company from your competitors as much as possible. You may even consider providing examples of logos that you don’t like so that your logo designer has an idea of what you don’t want.

Unique Value Proposition

Give your logo designer a clear idea of how you distinguish your company from the competition. First you should identify your companies 'unique value proposition’ which basically means how you differentiate yourself from other companies in your industry. Your 'unique value proposition' may be price, faster service, variety of products or many other aspects that make your company unique.

Once your designer has sent you the initial concepts you will have to choose one to move forward with for revisions and improvement. Now is the time to ask friends, family and co-workers what they think of the logo design concepts, which design they prefer and what changes need to be made.

By talking to people in your target market you will get the best idea of what kind of logo will work well in your industry. Relying too much on your own opinion is often a mistake.

If you brief your designer clearly he or she should be able to create a logo design that can serve as the perfect visual representation of your brand for many years to come.

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