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What is the best way to get a logo design online these days? Below you can read about two very different approaches and the companies that we recommend for each approach. See our logo company reviews below.

Logo Company ReviewsOur Recommendations - Above all we recommend that you go for a custom logo design package. This approach allows you to get a variety of concepts from a number of designers and to have some input into the process yourself. This option offers great value, is relatively simple for the customer and usually results in a unique looking design that will suit your business well. The company that we feel currently provides the best all round custom package is The Logo Company.

The other popular option these days is to hold a logo contest via a crowd-sourcing site. The benefits here are that you will receive numerous design concepts as some of these sites have huge communities of designers. On the downside, this approach can cost a little more and can involve a little more time from the clients side. Originality is also more likely to be an issue, even though these sites do as much as they can to safeguard against plagiarism. If this approach appeals to you then we recommend industry leader 99designs above the others.

Other logo design options online are not advised. If you don't have design experience then the DIY systems and software packages usually produce results that are far from professional looking. And the pre-designed templates that you can buy are also usually amateurish looking and won't be perfectly suited to your business needs.

First Choice - The Best Custom Logo Design Option - The Logo Company

The Logo Company Review

We set out to review and compare some of the top custom logo design companies in order to find the one that we feel is the best option for consumers. We assessed each company on criteria that included company age, reputation, design quality, value, service level, guarantee policy and media coverage. We also searched online for customer reviews, complaints and opinions.

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With Offices in the US and the UK, The Logo Company has been in business online for over a decade. We recommend them as the best choice for small and medium sized businesses, startups, websites and other organizations.

With an excellent design record, great value, first class service throughout the design process, an 'honest' money back guarantee policy and positive coverage from reliable media sources they are naturally the best choice.

Their packages are priced at $149, yet in terms of design quality they are definitely in the same league as some of the other market leaders who are charging well over $200 for basic packages. They state that they are able to offer such great value due to the fact that they use their logo service as a 'loss leader' (they make no profit on the service) in order to win new customers who will hopefully purchase other services from them in the future.

Several times in the last few years when various publications including Wired Magazine and The Wall Street Journal have done articles that secretly tested and compared online logo providers, The Logo Company has been declared to be the best. For links to these articles click here.

While searching the Internet for consumer feedback we were surprised to find very little in the way of negative information. They don't have the huge volume of complaints that some of the other top custom logo design sites have. Their website features a forum with a huge number of positive customer testimonials.

Their standard package includes a minimum of five logo concepts and unlimited revision rounds. As five or more designers work on your project you will receive designs from various perspectives. Customers are given 100% ownership rights over their final selection.

The delivery time is within three business days and a full money back guarantee is offered right up until acceptance of the final design.

Visit www.thelogocompany.net to learn more about The Logo Company and to view a portfolio of their work. 

2nd Choice - The Best Logo Contest Website - 99designs

99designs ReviewLogo design contests have become extremely popular over the last two or three years. Sites like 99designs allow their users to connect with thousands of designers around the world. Designers compete for a prize put up by the contest holder. The contest holder completes a brief before starting the contest and then provides feedback and ratings to help guide the designers towards a final design that they like.

Many companies have entered this niche over the past few years but we recommend 99designs.com, one of the original sites to develop this concept. While many of these 'design contest' sites are all similar, there are a few reasons why 99designs has the edge over its competitors.

As one of the pioneers in this market they have the largest pool of designers. This currently stands at well over 100,000 designers, meaning that your contest is likely to receive more attention than if you went with one of the newer 'copycat sites'.

The system at 99 designs is extremely easy to use and they also have what we feel is the best money back guarantees in the business.

Visit www.99designs.com to learn more about hosting a logo design contest with them.

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